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Server operational

I grabbed some old hardware and put together a small server box. It’s installed with a 64 bits windows environment ( i need to run some .NET native programs) and will do it’s work on 2,6 Ghz. As it will only run some webservices, FTP, Shoutcast, and teamspeak it will be fast enough to serve our needs for now. Hopefully i will be able to buy a new machine next year, after which my current one will become server. When that setup is running, also 4 of the 25 region simulators for OSgrid will become available 24/7 again, as the dedicated XEON server was taken offline when OSGrid went down.

Above services are accessible on request, and exist exclusively for members of Red Dragon, RDNC or -* FoxxGroup *- . An account request form will be added later this week, when i start adding more content to the website. For now all services are up and running, only the Plex Mediaserver will still have downtime as its hosted on a different machine which isn’t on 24/7.


Changed Hosting provider

Hello dear visitors.

I have just moved all my domains to a new webhost, so it will take a bit before the site will have content. (I don’t restore any of the old stuff here, just starting fresh).  For now, were under construction, hopefully i can find time in the holidays to work on the new design and get things operational before the new year starts.

For now, you will have to do with my best wishes for 2022 to you, and all those you love.