After retiring from my first “3d world adventure” running the Red Dragon Nite Club in Secondlife (2005-2010) i moved to a different grid in the open metaverse. My virtual home normally resides on 25 regions running on 6 instances of Opensimulator, connected to OSgrid. They are all called Red Dragon, and thus easy to find on the map. If your interested in visiting the Metaverse, here’s a list of grids you can choose from, and here is a list of compatible viewers (a browser for 3D worlds) for it.

Should you visit my regions, give them some time to load. Red Dragon Nite Club is one of the biggest club builds in the metaverse, and it’s main  build is over 80.000 prims and 5600 scripts. So when you visit, it will take a minute or some for everything to properly rez, depending on your connection speed. The good news is, most there is full perm, so you can take/copy whatever you please. All regions are voice enabled by Vivox, and have Puls radio running 24/7. Feel welcome to visit and explore. The build has clubs, various dancefloors, shops, cinema’s, pools, conference rooms, apartments, art galleries and much much more. If you don’t feel like going in with a viewer, you can check my youtube channel for some vids. (do mind these are a bit dated, stuff changes over time).

For more information on Red Dragon Nite Club in OSgrid, but also installation guides, troubleshooting tutorials, blogs, scripts, sounds, textures, tools and more information, visit my blog at http://red-dragon-club.blogspot.com/  Also Symbaloo has loads of links to OSGrid related info. Come explore new worlds and join us in the Metaverse. If you like to party and meet new people in virtual worlds, visit the “Friday Party” held weekly on Event Plaza in OSgrid. It brings DJ’s & live performers from all over the globe.

In case you want to install and run your own 3D simulator, you can try my  tutorials on the OSgrid wiki. You find these on this link. Should you run stuck, or need help feel free to get in touch. As of February 2016 I have joined the OSgrid administrative team. So also when you need a Homestead region on one of the OSgrid Plaza’s or if you experience any technical difficulties, feel free to get in touch for assistance. If you can’t seem to find me in-world, likely you’re in a different timezone. In such case you can either email me at FoxxBode at Osgrid.org or FoxxBode at Gmail.com. I will generally respond to mail within 24 hours. You can also send an IM in-world, i will typically respond when i see it (mind i prefer notecards though as these don’t get lost at relogs).