You have entered the labs of the MadFoxx. This is my playground. Likely it’s more useful to me than you, but maybe you find useful things on this page. Feel free to explore. MadFoxx is also known as Foxx Bode, mainly in open Virtual 3D worlds. Foxx is administrator on the OSgrid, resident in Metropolis, and previously in Secondlife. Foxx is CEO and DJ of the Red Dragon Nite Club in the Metaverse. If you look for information regarding grids & simulators, try visiting my Blog on Red Dragon Club If you like to (t)roll around in Tanks, try the RDNC Tank Division.  For other leisure / Games you can find me in Steam


Also a Red Dragon Kinship exists on the Evernight server in LOTRO (lord of the rings online). Dragons live in solitude, and are generally die-hard Solo players that will grind every inch of middle earth and face all evil in it all by themselves. Unfortunately it’s domainname ( reddragontheonekinship.net ) has expired and since the last added regions are too repetitive and grindy, were not putting any effort in making a new page  . If you want access to the kin regardless, find user “Moonblossom” to get an invite. Or get in touch via the contact menu.


Now what do i do that i need a webpage of my own ? I don’t, really. I just like to build 3D worlds, setup, install, configure and troubleshoot computers & networks, test stuff on the Internet, build webpages & shops, just because i like to create. Also i’m a hardcore die-hard gamer. Feel like you want to know more, or could use a hand with some project ? Get in touch…