World of Tanks

WOT clan Red Dragon 

RDNC is a Dutch clan. As were not interested in becoming top league, were an ideal clan to “open up the tanks in your tech tree” and platoon up with our jolly & fun loving players. Were a small clan, no drama, no tons of rules, just shooting tanks and having fun in platoons mostly. We have our own team speak server, own audio stream and various other services available for our members. We accept all players over 18 that speak either English or dutch, regardless of your current stats. We are “noob-friendly” as we all have to start somewhere. We have no scheduled battle days, obligatory training, and there is nobody around to hold your hand.

You can download XVM for your stats here, and Aslains modpack (preferred) to get convenient stats and additional features. If you need to buy stuff, (garage slots, equipment etc) keep an eye on the specials, and save up some credits so you can buy stuff when it’s on discount. For more specials check this page. If you like to watch WOT video’s, (and learn from others),i recommend you to check out the channels of Jingles, QuickyBaby ,  Circonflexes & SirFoch. Obviously there are more nice players with great channels, but above three are fun to listen to, and you get to learn a thing or two.

Feel like rolling out in a monstrous tank yourself and dish out some Boom ?