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Patch 9.6

With the 9.6 update, most tank destroyers and light tanks will experience significant changes in their parameters. These changes will result in TD’s becoming more team dependent and the light tanks increasing in relevance on the battlefield. (read, nerfed view range). Also dispersion within the aiming circle will be increased on many / all ? tanks. ( Read, more RNG, less getting your crew killed 3 times in a row)  Further it brings 2 new Premium vehicles: the French Tier VIII medium tank, AMX CDC, and the the Japanese Tier VIII medium tank, STA-2.

Some youtube channels to check for more detailed info on the new tanks and changes:

Jingles, Quickybaby,


So i redesigned the frontpage a bit, added some pages and sliders, rebuilt the menu, added google analytics and some plugins. The teamspeak one is giving me some headaches, got it working on various other platforms, but in WP it’s a bit of a pain. I’ll probably end up importing custom HTML as none of the available plugins seem to work out of the box.

I also found out my youtube account is attached to twitter, (as i saw every song added to a playlist tweeted on Red_Dragon_Club’s twitter account, and got a notify that one of the performing artists favorited it).  Handy features if you don’t forget you enabled them. The playlist has various mashups, mixes and other random tunes.  For the rest you can look at some vids with older captures of some of my builds in OSgrid.

Now to get the imagery to appear in here as i’d like to, and were set to get serious content added. (Right after i made up what it should be).