After years of  Gaming off and online, the first “MadFoxx” domain & webpage appeared around 2002.

This one came a year later. Suddenly MadFoxx becomes a more popular Nickname, as more and more people start to use it. After many battles in various online shooters, MadFoxx renames to the avatar “Foxx Bode” in Secondlife, starts to DJ, and ends up with a huge club in 2010.

After retiring from Secondlife DJ MadFoxx, aka Foxx Bode sets up the Red Dragon Nite Club in OSgrid in 2010. With 25 regions and over 150K primitives, it’s kind of a big build. It’s Blog has tons of grid & metaverse related info, tools, guides, and much more. 


-Guidlportal stopped-

When not partying or building, MadFoxx strolls though Tolkiens “Middle-earth” slaying Trolls in the Lord of the Rings Online. After “outliving” 2 kinships, Foxx created his own. It has it’s own Kinhouse in Bree and its only members are Foxx alt’s, and some really Die-Hard solo players.

Spending less time building in OSgrid and slaying trolls in Lord of the rings Online, in 2011 Foxx started to play World of Tanks.  After 6000 battles MadFoxx started a Tank Battalion in World of Tanks. Although we gave up on maintaining it’s clanpage, we still run the teamspeak server, and have several friendly players to platoon up with, waiting for you to join. 

Standalone linux box running Opensimulator 9.x Diva distro. VPS droplet at DIgitalocean for 5$ a month.