Monthly Archives: December 2014

Happy new year

I managed to muck around in the site a bit, and slowly the base structure is taking shape. The main Red Dragon Branches have found a place in the menu, the music is up, most of the links to my pages are in the website, and it has some “window dressing” I still need to do a lot of work on the media and re size the banner images, but that will happen next year. ( as will all the rest, as the rest of today is reserved for eating drinking & party as we celebrate into 2015 ).

If you are a Gamer, make sure to hit up on my “posts” pages and check the various offers in lord of the rings online, world of tanks, and don’t forget the Steam holiday sale which is packed with discounts. Also a new Humble Bundle will probably appear in not too long. Beats “blowing up” all your money on 20 second fireworks.

That’s all for this year, so on behalf of Red Dragon and all it’s members, happy new year, and all the best for 2015.


Patch 9.5

The latest and greatest version of World of Tanks came out. Grab it here. If you activate bonus code 2015WGNY you get a free day of premium. Make sure to login this week, as it will grant you a free premium German tier II tank, including tank slot.

You can download XVM for your stats here, and Gamers modpack (with DYI loader) or Aslains modpack to get convenient stats and additional features. If you need to buy stuff, (garage slots, equipment etc) this week is the time, all is on major discount ATM.